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So you want ​to make a ​game...

How it works at gold mountain games

We are gamers, just like you. so we ​understand how important even the ​smallest of details can be.

You have the power to choose the ​inclusions and specifics of your game. ​Simply imagine it, and we will bring it ​to life. Interested in being more ​engaged in your games conception to ​reality? Join us in it’s creation!

Our Games

Dark ​Legacies:

Corporation ​wars



Drive thru



  • Art Direction
  • Species/ ​Culture ​design
  • Architecture
  • One-off ​commissions

the GMG Team


  • Individual ​document
  • Whole ​setting/





  • Project and ​setting design
  • Currency and ​trade design
  • Card/game piece ​layout
  • Book layout


  • Existing ​systems ​license
  • Bespoke ​system ​writing


  • Setting ​musical ​palette
  • Social media ​music
  • Individual ​tracks



  • New system ​playtesting
  • Analysis and ​reports



  • Full character ​voice design
  • Social media VO
  • Recording ​session


  • Established ​setting lore
  • New setting ​lore

GMG on AI:

Here at Gold Mountain Games we are passionate about tabletop gaming. This passion comes from many places and includes many things. The joy of putting together ​a well constructed plot, or finding the hook that draws a group into the adventure. Seeing our artists take that writing and using their accumulated years of hard work ​and nurtured talent to bring these ideas to life. The collaborative way we work brings everyone into the creative process. It is simply not possible for us to create truly ​enjoyable content without this interconnection.

To us, the idea that generative AI can produce comparable work is simply false. And even if this were not the case, why would we want to remove humans from the ​creative arts? Let AI aid in healing the sick, feeding the hungry, coordinating disaster relief; but we don’t need it generating our creative content.

This is all to say nothing of the unscrupulous means by which many of the AI companies of the day have been operating, from participating in widespread data laundering to consume art, writing, music, ​likenesses, voices without regard for copyright, intellectual property rights, data ownership, or fundamental decency. They have enabled a mass-market appropriation of non-consenting, living creators’ works ​and styles–the culmination of hard-won lifetimes of craftsmanship and dedication. At no point have they sought consent, at no point have they given credit, and at no point have they compensated the original ​creators.

Many of these issues are under contention, as they exist in a limbo wherein legal precedent and policy has not yet caught up to the rapid pace of recent technological change. This makes no difference to us, ​except insofar as we know which way we hope the courts will ultimately decide. Regardless of how things shake out in the courtroom, generative AI–its training, its monetization, its application to crafts like ​art and writing–is not in line with our goals or values. We will always be transparent about this.

Now, where we MAY use AI: procedural generation tools such as Dungeon Alchemist or Azgaar’s Map Generator can aid us in creating supplemental maps and battlemaps to better our players’ and fans’ ​experiences of our core content. Despite sharing the nomenclature of “AI,” these products are far and away from diffusion-driven AI image, text, and video generators and the unethical methodology with ​which we take issue. Procedural generation in this way from vetted and trusted products or partners is not a practice we take issue with in and of itself, and may contribute to some of our offerings. We will ​always be transparent about this.

Gold Mountain Games will never publish a product that includes generative AI. We won’t use generative AI to produce art, writing, concepts, ideas, or anything else. We will always be transparent about this.

We believe in our company and our creative people, we know that they will always create superior work. And that is the work that we want to provide for you.

For more information on our position on this subject, feel free to reach out.

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